Top grades

Norwegian sell event tickets for their national book tour with Tickera system. Toppkaraktersystemet is a top grade system which…

Plugin update v1.3.2

Tickera plugin update v1.3.2: Fixed issue with occasional duplicated PayPal transactions on some servers – thanks to Wout Lievens!


Belgian Dunk!Festival

Belgian Dunk!Festival use Tickera for their Dunk!charlatan event which will be held on September 23rd

Plugin update v1.3.1

Tickera plugin update v1.3.1: Any date and time within plugin gets WordPress values (instead of server date and time). Thanks…

Sydney’s annual Multicultural Eid Festival

The popular Sydney’s annual Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair (MEFF) will be held this Sunday 2 September 2012 at the…

Plugin update v1.3.0

Tickera plugin update v.1.3.0: Added support for UTF-8 characters, PDF font replaced with unicode one. Now you can use French,…

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