Seating Charts


  1. Drag & drop layout

    Freely move around any and all of the elements to create a floor plan that truthfully resembles your venue. Also, what you create will be exactly what customers will see. It's can't be easier than that. Don't you think?

  2. Seating groups

    Easily create, manage and edit seating groups on the fly! Set or unset ticket types, edit rows and columns and move wherever you need them.

  3. Standing areas

    Hosting an event without seating or simply having a concert with various standing areas? Don't worry, we got you covered with that as well.

  4. Create & manage tables

    Round or square, black and white or with any color of the rainbow. Simply create tables and assign seats around them any way you like.

  5. Seat labeling

    Label each seat differently or select multiple seats and let Tickera label it automatically for you. Any way you choose, your attendees will know exactly where they need to go.

  6. Add area of interests

    Let your attendees know where is entrance, where they can find food, drinks, exit and much more. You can add area of interests to help them get around easily.

  7. Create & manage text areas

    Label the aisles, add additional information - you can use it for what ever you want!

  8. Edit & Reorder Seats

    Whatever you have created, you can edit in any way you want - add seats, remove seats, move, delete, resize and rotate elements and text... Everything is as transparent and editable as it gets.

  9. Intuitive front-end usage

    First time they see seating chart on your website, your customers will immediately know how to use it. Pick a seat or more, add to cart, go to cart, finish the purchase. Simple and effective.


Drag and drop layout makes creating seating charts a breeze. Move around, resize, zoom in and out... it's all there.

Create Seating Areas

Create seat areas for you theater, cinema or any other kind of venue. You can apply single or multiple ticket types to the same seating area, change colors and much more!

Create Standing Areas

Standing areas are part of many events. You can easily create, resize, rotate and assign ticket type to the standing areas in just couple of clicks.

Create Tables

Are you hosting your event in the restaurant or having some nice banquet where each attendee should have their assigned seat at the table? No worries, we got that covered too.

Create Areas of Interests

Help your visitors get around quickly by letting them know where parking lot is, where they can find food or drink, where are entrances or exits... you name it.

Create Text Elements

Need to point something out or simply label some special areas? Use text element and enter any text you like, choose a color, resize, rotate, move, it's all there.

Real Time Reservation

Leverage the power of Google Firebase to allow your customers see if there are tickets in someone else's cart even before they finish the purchase.

Edit Fields on the Fly

Make and break, arrange and rearrange, leave it as it is or start all over again. Everything is easily edited and corrected all the time, on the fly.

Easy to use

Learning curve this, learning curve that... how about NO learning curve? Yeah. As soon as you fire it up, you'll get the hang of it and fall in love with the ease of use.

WooCommerce Compatible

Enjoying the awesomeness of running Tickera via Bridge for WooCommerce? No need to change that! Seating charts seamlessly integrates with that as well.

Unlimited seating charts

Host one or two or ten or hundreds of events - it doesn't make any difference as you can create as many different charts for as many different events you might have.

Zoom & Panning

Zoom, unzoom, pan and move around. Use mouse wheel or dedicated buttons. And the best of all: it works completely the same for your customers as well!

Unlimited Ticket Types

Having lots of ticket types? No problem. You can assign all of them to the different seating or standing areas. Heck, you can even assign each seat with different ticket type if you want.

Use as shortcode

Once you are done making a seating chart for your event, simply place a shortcode for it using Tickera's shortcode builder to any of your pages or posts.

Show Legend

Let your customers easily "decode" colors of the ticket types and know exactly what they are buying by placing a legend atop the seating charts.

Change Seat Color

Make all of the ticket types easily distinguishable by setting a different color for each ticket type.

Seating Chart
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