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Sell Event Tickets with WooCommerce!

Are you looking for an easy way to sell event tickets on your WordPress website? Look no further than the combination of WooCommerce and Tickera! With more than 230,000,000 downloads, WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce system available for the WordPress platform, and now you can use it in tandem with Tickera Event Ticketing System through the Bridge for WooCommerce integration.

The Bridge for WooCommerce integration makes it easy to list and deliver tickets on your website. All you have to do is install the plugin, list your events, set up ticket purchases, and let WooCommerce and Tickera do the heavy lifting for you. You'll be able to accept payments, deliver tickets quickly and efficiently, check in your attendees with the help of Tickera smart apps, and track your sales so you can easily keep an eye on your profits. You can also customize your ticket layouts to match your branding needs, allowing you to create a truly unique shopping experience for your customers.

With the almighty WooCommerce and Tickera fusion, selling tickets on your WordPress site has never been simpler. Plus, you'll get the same powerful e-commerce capabilities that you've come to expect from WooCommerce, all in one easy-to-use package. So don't wait - start selling tickets today with WooCommerce and Tickera!

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Create Tickets Inside WooCommerce!

Creating tickets for an event is as easy as creating any other WooCommerce product. Each ticket can have its own SKU, price, stock, and even multiple variations! In addition, you can control sale price date easily and offer early bird tickets with just one click. Set the different ticket template and make a new look of each ticket type with Tickera ticket drag & drop template builder. Control number of allowed check-ins per ticket easily.

Sell tickets and other products at the same time

Take advantage of the opportunity to boost your revenue by selling tickets, merchandise, and other products all in one place! Show your visitors you care by offering an array of options such as cool T-Shirts, beverages, and/or lunches. Make it easy and convenient for your customers to purchase everything they need without having to go from place to place. Increase your profits today and make sure you don’t miss out on any revenue opportunities!

Check in attendees with phone apps or barcode readers

Welcome your attendees to your event with ease - make use of Tickera's check-in iOS and Android apps, or a barcode reader, to quickly scan each guest's ticket. There's no need to manually enter information - all you have to do is point your smartphone or barcode reader to the ticket, and you can confirm attendance in an instant. Make the check-in process quick and easy, and greet each guest with a warm welcome!

Extend WooCommerce order status e-mails

Your customers will have an amazing experience when they purchase tickets from you! After completing their order, they will receive the WooCommerce "Order Completed" email, which will contain a download link for their ticket(s). This efficient and hassle-free process is sure to put a smile on your customers' faces.

Create Custom Order Fields

Easily capture all the details you need from your customers using Tickera Custom Forms. Choose from a variety of input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus and more to customize order fields as desired. Make it effortless for customers to provide you with the data you need, in format you prefer. With Tickera Custom Forms, you can create the perfect custom order field experience for your business.

Ticket Variations

Create multiple variants for each ticket type easily.

WooCommerce Gateways

With the vast selection of gateways, everybody is covered!

Zero Service Fees

No service fees, no additional costs, no commission!

Multisite Compatible

Do you use WordPress multisite network? No problem!

Supported Tickera Addons

WooCommerce Seating Charts add-on
WooCommerce Custom Forms add-on
WooCommerce CSV Export add-on
WooCommerce Events Listing add-on
WooCommerce Tickera Event Calendar add-on
WooCommerce Speakers add-on
WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter add-on
WooCommerce Sendloop Newsletter add-on
WooCommerce AffiliateWP add-on
WooCommerce Serial Ticket Codes add-on
WooCommerce Custom Ticket Template Fonts add-on
WooCommerce Checkout reCAPTCHA add-on
WooCommerce Check-in Notifications add-on
WooCommerce Check in App Translation add-on
WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications add-on
WooCommerce Bulk Discount Codes add-on

Feature List

  • Take advantage of the combined power of WooCommerce and Tickera to provide the ultimate purchasing experience for your event
  • Increase purchase conversion by allowing customers to purchase tickets for events directly on your website
  • Check-in attendees with mobile apps or barcode reader
  • With the use of a drag & drop ticket template builder create visually appealing and personalized tickets in no time.
  • Implement a variety of ticket types (standard, VIP etc) and associated pricing options to maximize purchase conversion rates
  • Control number of available check-ins per each ticket type
  • Increase revenue by offering customers the ability to purchase tickets and other related products, such as merchandise, simultaneously at the same time
  • Schedule sale price date
  • Limit how many tickets of a given ticket type are available
  • Optionally hide tickets from the WooCommerce product archive
  • Redirect single ticket products to associated event page
  • Create Custom Order Fields and display them in the check-in mobile apps and on the tickets
  • Export attendee list (as a PDF document or in the CSV format)
  • No additional fees


  • Woo, WooThemes and WooCommerce are Trademarks of Automattic Inc. which Tickera is not associated with or endorsed by in any way.
  • Bridge for WooCommerce works with WooCommerce payment gateways. You'll need to download premium or free WooCommerce payment gateways
  • Bridge for WooCommerce is compatible with limited number of Tickera add-ons. Each compatible add-on is marked clearly with the Bridge for WooCommerce logo.
  • This add-on is compatible with the most WooCommerce extensions. However, we haven't tested them all since it's really not possible thus we can't guarantee that this add-on will work with all WooCommerce extensions.
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