Custom Forms

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Compatible with the Bridge for WooCommerce

The Custom Forms is a powerful add-on which allows you to easily create new custom fields in a simplest possible way - drag & drop,  gather information from your clients, show them in a nice way within the admin area and export the desired information.


Create beautiful forms which will fit into your theme's design. Control order of the elements, number of columns, set required and optional fields in an easy way. Build any kind of form with help of the following Custom Forms Elements: Checkbox (useful for multichoices), Text Input Field, Radio (Single Choice), Select box and Textarea for long answers.


Collecting the information is just a half of the job. Control which clients' fields / input you want to show in the admin and where.

Every piece of information collected form your clients via Custom Forms can be exported as PDF. Also, this add-on integrates well with our CSV Add-on. The add-on will simplified the data transfer to other systems by providing a data exporter that outputs CSV formatted files.


The best of all, you can easily create Ticket Template elements of the selected custom fields - with a click! That means that you can show certain data on the client's ticket right after completed payment.