Custom Forms

Create custom fields in matter of minutes

Custom Forms is a powerful add-on which allows you to easily create new custom fields in a simplest way possible - drag & drop. Collect information about buyers and attendees and access it within the admin area, Checkinera or export using Export PDF functinality or CSV Export add-on.

  1. Create buyer or attendee form

    Create any kind of buyer or attendee forms which will fit like a glove with your theme's design. Control order of the elements, number of columns, set required and optional fields in an easy way. By using following elements, there is no reason to miss any information about your attendees and buyers: Checkbox (useful for multichoices), Text Input Field, Radio (Single Choice), Select box and Textarea for long answers.

  2. Display Information

    Collecting the information is just half of the job. In the other half, you can select where you want to display this information. For example, you can show it in the admin area of the orders and/or in the Check-in apps. You decide where information from each element should be available.

  3. Export PDF or CSV

    Every piece of information collected from your clients via Custom Forms can be exported as PDF. Also, this add-on integrates seamlessly with our CSV Add-on which allows you to export all the information collected on the checkout and conveniently edit it with any software that supports .csv file format.

  4. Ticket Templates

    Last but certainly not least - you can place all of that information on the ticket templates. Custom Forms add-on allows you to create a ticket template element out of any Custom Forms element and display it on the ticket itself.

Drag & Drop

Create custom forms by draging and droping the fields where you need them!

Numerous field types

Different information requires different field types. That's why we included input fields, checkboxes, select fields, textareas and radio fields so you can collect attendee info even easier.

Integrates throughout Tickera and its addons

View the additional attendee info in Checkinera, on the tickets, in the order details or export data with CSV or PDF export.

Easily Customizable

With a bit of PHP knowledge you can customize Custom Forms via hooks and actions spread throughout the plugin. And if there something missing, just ask us and we'll add it!

Custom Forms
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  • Tickera Plugin (version and up)
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