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Facebook Marketing Strategies For Strong Online Image

As we promised in one of our previous articles where we talked about the fitness of Facebook for online marketing, this time we bring you strategies that will make your Facebook campaign a success.


Facebook page vs. Facebook profile

What is the difference and what are the pros and cons of creating a profile when forming an online image for your business? Well, it all adds up when you give it a thought. The profile is designed to be used as personal online space, while the purpose of the page is to advertise your business. Why then shouldn’t we use the profile to promote business if we need a profile to create the page? The answer is as follows: even though the profile gives you more control when it comes to your followers, it also is

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  • Against Facebook rules. Using the profile as an advertising solution can make your profile gone for some time.
  • People prefer to click “Like” than “Add friend” button; especially when they do not know who is behind the page/profile.
  • Page has no limit in the number of followers, so there is no end to your advertisement reach.
  • The invaluable insights option is available with pages.


Consequently, the conclusion here suggests that the best strategy is to opt for the page. There are more opportunities for you when it comes to increasing the number of followers and staying in touch with them.


Connect your website with the Facebook page

Unquestionably, a visually appealing, well-optimized and content rich website is a must-have for creating a recognizable image and providing information about you and your product or services.

Furthermore, connecting the site with the Facebook page brings you huge advantages.

Firstly, Google recognizes that relationship and shows it in the Google search.

Secondly, people will come to your page through the website, they will like it, share it and spread the word.


Finally, there is one more, we would say, psychological reason. When you don’t have a Facebook page you look frivolous, unprofessional and untrustworthy. Integrating the almighty “f” link with your online presentation gets you credibility and makes you a part of great online social community where news travel at the Mbps speed.


Use other social media to promote your page

Don’t think that Facebook is enough, it is a start. Take advantage of other social networks to increase the number of those who follow you through the Facebook page.

  • Youtube is the perfect place to share the video content and easily assign the content to the site. As people are visual beings, there will be no mistake in engaging the visual senses.
  • Of course, you can’t have marketing campaigns without Twitter. In addition to no time consuming information sharing, re-tweeting get’s your post read and talked about.  Connecting Twitter and Facebook account will not just cover different target audience, but save you time on posting.


Facebook ads

Use Facebook to promote your page for just a few dollars. Naturally, you can always pay more if your marketing strategy calls for a faster growth. Although random clicks and shares may seem welcome, determining the target group for your ad will get you more efficiently to the goal.


Use # feature tactically

Hash tags are not Instagram or Twitter specific and using them sparingly on Facebook can mean a great deal of interaction.

We know better than to fill you in on your marketing strategy regarding the key words use, but what you might find indispensable is the fact that with hash tags on Facebook the less is more. According to the posting experts, 1 to 2 hash tags per post can get you to around 600 interactions, while that average number of interactions decreases proportionally to the increase of hash tags leading to less than 200 interactions if you have more than 10 hash tags.  What you also want to have in mind is that you do not want to put # in the middle of the sentence.

In addition to increasing the engagement, boosting your visibility and reach, hash tags enable you to keep track of the comments about your business.


Take an insight look

As mentioned above, Page Insights is a very important feature. Why? Well, simply, based on it you can change the marketing strategy if the number of visits is not what you aimed for.


“Call to action” button

Call to action buttons such as Shop Now or Sign Up, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Watch Video etc... are what physical touch and face-to-face communication are to people out of the virtual world. In order to be engaged, our actions need to have reactions and rewards, which is what these buttons achieve. By clicking, we agree to absorb a whole new information world which will definitely have an impact on our everyday life. For the page owners it is from being seen to profiting, while for the audience it ranges from personal benefit to merely possessing information.


Be constantly in touch with the page fans

The law of input and response functions wonderfully in the virtual world, on social networks as well, so you should take advantage of it. Constant contact with page visitors and interaction through comments brings you closer to consumers, which again means making your brand wide known and the rest is self explanatory.


Increase sharing

In addition to sharing your content on other networks, by paying for example, there are other interesting ways to increase the number of "shares". What motivates people better than a reward?

Whoever collects the most “likes” for a picture shared from your page… deserves a reward, right?

The more attractive the reward, the better the effect.


Interesting content

All of the above does not matter if the content on the page is not interesting and relevant or you are not posting often enough; do not overdo it though, because you can very easily annoy people which leads to hitting the “unlike” button. What is the best strategy then?

  • Promote your work by writing interesting articles and share them with others.
  • Post 1-3 times a day (or more if you have some sort of event going on - real time posting can be awesome).
  • Change your cover from time to time.
  • Share interesting content from other resources but your brand related.
  • Schedule and reschedule posts respectively.

Being fresh, new, interesting and intriguing is not easy, and when something springs to mind, make sure to research it before implementing as online image has the power to make or break a business.