Benefits Of Organizing An Office Party

While for some, holiday seasons are a nuisance and a reason to be grumpy, others feel nothing but the joy coming with the holiday spirit. However you feel on this matter, if you are a company owner, holiday season is the time for you to act and throw a party.


As you have probably already noticed, throwing company parties is on the rise turning into a trend at a quick pace and the reason behind it is more than just having fun and being liked by your employees.

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First of all, attending a casual office party makes you feel:


Relaxing is, you will agree, a very important part of the working process. The brain needs time to “restart”. An office party is a reset button after the hard working year.  It gives you opportunity to take a look at the year that has passed and recap on the ups and downs not only of your business strategy but of the business strategy of your co-workers. Finding support in your colleagues is crucial, and even if you might not need it yourself this year, someone else could find motivation in your success. Let’s face it, our families don’t like to listen to our business talk, the only ones who can understand are those who share our battle.


Secondly, what a party does is:

Reward and motivate

As a superior, by throwing a party you’re showing your employees they are a key part of your organization. You can use the office parties to award prizes and acknowledgements to employees and business partners. Entertainment, food, drink, and attention given to each of them are strong inspiring factors for further action and success.


Next, an office party serves to:

Strengthen connections between team members

The benefits and importance of team buildings are well known. Talking and mingling in an informal atmosphere, as well as sharing a meal, awaken our primal instincts of bonding and expressing family-like behavior. In an environment that nurtures strong ties trust is developed, and trust means strong company.

Mutual trust and good relations make people cover for one another, provide support and in the long run – increase performance. Can you believe all that hides behind an office party?

Moreover, spending stress free time with a fellow employee can make you unwind and at that state of relaxation what happens are:


New ideas  (and new contacts)

Going over some business issues can lead to seeing the mistakes and ways to fixing them. Great minds might think alike, but a different point of view even from the similar mind is sometimes all it takes to get us to a groundbreaking solution. Furthermore, current and future business partners may also find themselves at the get-together bringing new people to you, fresh contacts to keep and use for something prolific in the future.

Needless to say, do not turn the party into a business meeting venue. What the sole purpose is and it should stay is a time to show yourself as a relaxed, trustworthy partner and colleague.

Also, a positive, informal and relaxed gathering


Creates positive feelings about the venue

After spending a good time at the party, employees create happy and pleasant memories. In terms of simple psychology, they will create positive associations which bring about positive feelings when going to work, readiness to solve problems, willingness to participate and invest time and knowledge to help the company grow.

Spending some laid back and comfortable time at work and connecting the positivity with your office makes the time spent working more enjoyable – and one more time: enjoyable and positive means higher performance.
The impression you should by no means leave is that an office party is a tool to increasing efficiency at the expense of seemingly making your workers happy. A holiday time and office parties are not a trick to use on the people that make your company grow and succeed. On the contrary, making an office party for your employees mainly benefits them, showing them how important and great they are; how you value their wish to be with you on this journey and share the greatness of success. Make your holiday party be about gratitude, relaxation, new ideas, strong teams and successful businesses.

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