Tickera Theme Integration

Get more exposure just by integrating Tickera into your theme!

What do we offer?

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Tickera Themes Section

Your theme will be showcased at our themes section where users can choose themes that have are styled to match Tickera perfectly.

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Facebook Page

Tickera Facebook page has more than 38.000+ likes where we can and will publish blog posts about your theme and its features.

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Twitter Exposure

We will also publish posts at our Twitter page for our followers to see, favourite and re-tweet.

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Every person who buys Tickera gets invited to our newsletter. They love to see themes where Tickera is nicely styled.

What do we expect from theme authors?

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Nicely styled plugin

We expect you to style front-end of Tickera to fit your theme nicely and make sure it looks good on mobile devices. We can also supply different creative solutions that might help you.

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Plugin Suggestion

Your theme must suggest free version of Tickera to your users. It can be achieved with TGM Plugin Activation.

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Theme Forest Banner

Your Theme Forest page must contain Tickera banner. You can design your own or use ours and make sure to point it to this link

What kind of themes do we target?

All kinds of theme categories can fit but the ones that we really would love to see are events, gyms, yoga studios, restaurants, night clubs, conferences... Anything that can be related to some kind of event.


If you're unsure about the steps needed to promote your theme via Tickera, learn more about it by reading our guide.

Got everything set up? Submit your theme!

When you send us your theme we will check it out carefully and contact you with information on how to proceed!

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