I want to know how Tickera works

Tickera is a system consisted of WordPress plugin that is used to create and manage your events and tickets and Check-in apps used for checking the tickets in at the day of your event. Being a system that completely resides and operates on your website, you can easily sell tickets, without any middleman fees and using your own merchant account where funds collected through ticket selling are directly placed.  List of Tickera supported payment gateways can be found here.

First step after installing Tickera is to configure your ticketing store. To make things easier at this stage, there's a setup wizard which will appear immediately upon you install and activate Tickera for the first time and will guide you through the initial setup. Once you have done setting up all the credentials for your ticketing store, you can proceed and create your first event. When done, you can create one or more ticket types associated to this event. After this, you've met a bare minimum required to start selling tickets on your website.

Now, for the tickets to appear on some of your pages or posts you can place event and ticket relevant Tickera shortcodes to any of your pages or posts. More about the available shortcodes and their functionality can be found here.
So, once a customer purchases a ticket on your website and successfully finishes the checkout process, they will receive an automatic email that contains ticket download links. Tickets themselves are in fact PDF files and reside on your website. Each ticket is generated only once a customer successfully finishes the checkout and each ticket contains unique QR or barcode as well as other elements which you can arrange to suit your needs by using our ticket template builder.
Once a customer receives this ticket, they can either print it and bring it with them to the event or they can show it on the display of their device. And this is where Checkinera apps are kicking in. Using our Checkinera apps available for Android and iOS you can use your smartphone camera to check the tickets in. This app connects to the attendee database on your website and checks in real time whether the ticket that is scanned is valid or not and throws a corresponding message with the result. Also, there is a cross platform ready Checkinera Web App that allows you to scan the tickets by using any standard barcode or 2D scanner connected to the computer that is running this app.

This is just a brief overview of Tickera and its basic functionality which can be vastly expanded by using more than twentyfive (and more to come) of our official add-ons.

If you would like to test Tickera and see how all of it works, you can request access to our fully featured, fully functional playground version of Tickera. Once you receive credentials for our playground website, you will be able to test it out thoroughly against your very own scenario, see how everything works first hand and ultimately decide whether it fits your needs or not.

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