FAQ & Troubleshooting
Twilio not sending messages

There are several cases in which Twilio might not send SMS messages upon successful checkout. So, you should check all the listed below (in no particular order) and make sure everything is set up correctly on your side:

  • You might need to enable Twilio to send messages to your country. You can check that here: https://www.twilio.com/console/sms/settings/geo-permissions
  • Next one is to try to disable the SSL Certificate Verification. You can do that here: https://www.twilio.com/console/account/settings If you don't have SSL on your website Twilio will not work.
  • Make sure you have set LIVE Credentials and not the test ones since Twilio doesn't send test SMS messages, but only throwing out screen messages if it works or not.
  • Check the FROM phone number in Tickera Twilio options. Make sure it's NOT set to Friendly name but it should be a real phone number with no spaces in between and "+" at the beginning. Check the phones here https://www.twilio.com/console/phone-numbers/dashboard
  • If you're using Tickera alongside WooCommerce via our Bridge for WooCommerce, messages will be sent only if the order has status Completed. By default, WooCommerce orders will have status Processing until you manually change them to Completed. However, this can be changed by checking as Virtual and Downloadable all the products declared as tickets which will result in orders getting status Completed automatically.
  • Make sure that you're using only placeholders available for particular messages in Twilio. For example, placeholder TICKET_URL can be used only for the Ticket Owner messages as this placeholder will display URL to the single ticket for particular attendee.
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