FAQ & Troubleshooting
Payment failed but ticket generated

Once the customer reaches the point of the checkout where they have selected the payment method and proceeded to the actual payment, an order will be automatically created. This also means that all the tickets within that order are generated as well. However, if the payment for the order failed or the order is cancelled, a customer won't receive order confirmation email nor they will be able to download the tickets they have ordered. Even more importantly, if customers somehow even find a way to download those tickets (but don't worry, they won't), they won't be able to check them in since the tickets that belong to the orders that are not completed won't be eligible for the check-in. The only order statuses that will result in sending ticket download links or offer tickets for download on the order details page are Order Paid (if Tickera is used as a standalone) or Processing and Completed (if Tickera is used alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce).

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