FAQ & Troubleshooting
Custom forms are not showing up on the checkout

If you have created a custom form using Custom Forms add-on but it is not showing on the checkout, there are couple of potential things that might be preventing this.

  • First, if you have created an attendee form, make sure that you have associated it with one or more ticket types. To associate a custom form with the ticket type, you should select your custom form from within the Attendee Form dropdown menu when creating new or editing existing ticket type. The custom form you have selected here will then appear if that ticket type is added to the cart and customer proceeds to the cart page. If, however, you have created custom form for buyers, no further action is required as buyer custom forms are universal for all buyers regardless of the cart contents.
  • Another reason why you might not be able to see attendee custom form on the checkout is that attendee fields are disabled entirely in Tickera settings. So, to resolve this, navigate to Tickera Settings -> General tab and set option named Show Ticket Attendee Fields to Yes. This will then enable attendee fields on the cart page which will directly affect custom forms as well.



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