Print tickets without downloading

One of the frequently asked features from our customers was the option to print tickets without the need to first download them and then open the PDF file.

So, we have put together a small add-on which takes care of this and that can be downloaded below.


Once you install and activate this add-on, if you navigate to Tickera Settings -> General tab, you will notice a new area called Print options with two options:


If you enable printing in the back end, then if you navigate to the Attendees & Tickets area, you will notice that there is a new column with the printer icon for each ticket instance which, if clicked will open printer dialog box for you and from where you can then initiate printing.


You can also enable this on the front end so that customers can print their tickets without downloading them as soon as they finish the purchase. If you enable printing on the front end, another column will be displayed in the the table of purchased tickets for them which works the same as it does in the back end: if a customer clicks a print icon, it will initiate the printing process for them.

This add-on is installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin and will work with both Tickera as a standalone as well as when Tickera is running alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce.



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