– Number of tickets left in tickets table

There are cases when you would like to display the number of tickets left in the table of existing ticket types. Sometimes it helps with creating a sense of urgency which may help in ticket sales but it also may be useful to have these numbers right at the glance where the tickets for your event are listed.

This is where this add-on comes in handy.


So, whether you will be using Show tickets automatically option for the event page or you will be displaying the table with existing event tickets using shortcode, it will work in both cases. Also, it will work with both Tickera as a standalone as well as if it is running alongside WooCommerce via our Bridge for WooCommerce. Bear in mind though, that if you're running Tickera alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce, you will have to set the stock on the product level for this add-on to be able to display the number of tickets left. This is especially important if you have created your ticket types as variable WooCommerce products as it will not display any value unless you set the stock quantity on the product level.


The add-on is installed like any other WordPress plugin and does not have any of its own settings.


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