– Payment gateway ticket template element

As the title here suggests, we've created an add-on that allows you to place information to the ticket template about which payment gateway was used on the checkout.

What's the use case for this, I hear you asking.

Lately, we've been asked frequently, how to offer your customers to get their tickets but to pay for them at the door. Although this is easily achievable by using our Offline Payment Method and setting automatic payment status to Order Paid so that a customer gets their ticket immediately after finishing the checkout, there was a missing link on how the person at the door will know whether a customer already paid for the ticket by using some other online payment method or they should first charge them prior scanning their ticket.

So, we came up with this.

When this add-on is installed and activated, you will have another element available in your ticket template builder and, when placed on the ticket template, it will show which payment gateway is used. It is working with both Tickera as a standalone and if you are running Tickera accompanied by WooCommerce via Bridge or WooCommerce.

For some, this add-on is completely unnecessary, but we are mainly aiming towards our customers in countries where people are still not accustomed with online payment methods but event managers want them to benefit of online ticketing.


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