– Create duplicate ticket template elements

We've been asked more than once if there is possibility to display some information on the ticket in two different places.

Now, although the reasons for this might be various, several of our customers reported that they are using ticket template to deliver "badges" to their attendees. They are doing this in such way that part of the ticket template is the actual ticket (with, for example, event name, ticket type, QR and/or barcode, event date/time, etc.) while the rest of the ticket is used for the badge purpose. That way, when customers print out their ticket, they can cut out the badge part and then, when their ticket has been checked-in, person at the door can hand then the badge holder.

All this is pretty easy to do and is pretty clever workaround.

However, the limitation is that you can use each element only once on the ticket template and this workaround screams for having, for example, event name and attendee name in two different places on the same template.

So, we came up with this and created an add-on which, when installed and activated, will create duplicates of the ticket template elements. You will recognize duplicated elements as they have DUPLICATE word within the title of each element.


Add-on is installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin and works with Tickera as a "standalone" as well as when used accompanied by WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce.

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