– Check-in availability on the ticket template

When creating ticket type, you can set for how long tickets of this ticket type will be eligible for check-in. And this is quite useful feature for many reasons for the event organizers. However, we had many of you, our customers, asking us to make it possible to display this information on the ticket itself so that the customer knows when their ticket can be checked in.

So, we came up with this little add-on which adds another ticket template element that shows ticket check-in availability on the ticket template.


Add-on is installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin. Once you install it, you will notice that there is another ticket template element available at your disposal, labeled as Ticket Validity. If you place this element to the ticket template, it will display "humanly readable" information for the customers to know when they are able to check their ticket it.

For example, if you have set ticket check-in availability as Open ended the message on the ticket will say Ticket can be checked-in at any time. If you have selected fixed start and end date/time, the message will say Ticket can be check-in from XX to XX (with date and time you have specified). If you have specified ticket check-in availability as certain amount of time after purchase, it will grab the date of purchase and add the time you have specified in days, hours and minutes and will then say Ticket can be checked in until XX.

Now, given that these messages are quite "descriptive" instead of spitting out raw dates and times, we understand that not everyone will be satisfied with the "sentences" that we used and, of course, not all of you, our customers, are speaking English. This is why we have included a language file with this add-on so that you can translate each and every string that is used in the messages displayed on the tickets. To find out more how to translate the plugin, please check our documentation here.

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