– Attendee info in additional QR code on the ticket

There have been cases with several of our customers where they wanted their attendees to have their info embedded to the secondary QR code on the ticket itself. The reason behind this was that our customer organized a conference and wanted to make it easier for their attendees to exchange their email addresses. As we know all too well, writing an email while someone is dictating it to you is all but reliable and errors may happen quite easily - it takes one wrong character to get instant reply with the infamous subject "Mail delivery failed".

So, to make it more reliable for attendees to exchange their emails, we have put together this little add-on:


When installed and activated, you will notice that there's another ticket template element available which, if placed to the ticket template, will display another QR code on the ticket. When scanned with any device it will display attendee first name, last name and email address. Of course, for this to work, you must have attendee fields enabled within Tickera Settings -> General tab by setting Show ticket attendee fields to Yes, followed by Show E-mail for Option For Ticket Owners to make sure that you're collecting attendee first and last name as well as email addresses.

There you have it; if you're using Tickera in somewhat business setting where attendees of your conference, workshop or any other event should exchange their information reliably, you can now make that happen in a few simple clicks.

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