Terms And Conditions

Once you install and activate 'Terms And Conditions' add-on, you’ll notice a new 'Terms And Conditions' menu in Tickera Settings area.

Here you've got a few fields to fill up with everything being pretty self explanatory:


  1. Disable Terms And Conditions - Check to disable Terms and Conditions.
  2. Terms and Conditions Display - Select the way you would like for terms and conditions to be displayed (in a popup or on the separate page)
  3. Terms And Conditions Text - Enter Terms And Conditions text that will be shown to the customers when they click the link.
  4. Link Title - Enter the link title for Terms And Conditions
  5. Error Text - Enter the error text that will be shown if users don't agree to the Terms And Conditions

Once done, hit Save Changes button at the bottom and you're done.



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