Adding Speakers to Your Event

Once you have created your speakers, it would be nice to display this information somewhere. And what better place for this is than your event page...

So, when creating new or editing existing event, if you have Speakers add-on installed and activated, you will notice that there is one new "box" with several options on the right side of the page.event

Within this box there are several options:

  1. Speakers field - this field is sort of a search box where you can search for the speakers you wish to add to this event. It may happen that you will have multiple events with, naturally, multiple speakers. So, to select which speakers should appear on which event page, use this box to search and select. In case you leave this blank, all of the speakers will be displayed by default.
  2. The way that speakers are displayed - there are two possible options: Show automatically and Show via shortcode. If you select Show automatically, this will display all of the speakers you have selected previously on the top of the page, prior the event description content. If, however, you elect Show via  shortcode, then you can use a shortcode [tc_speakers] to display your selected speakers anywhere within the content of the event description.
  3. Display style - this dropdown menu allows you to select from the four possible display styles of speakers; Grid, Slider, Big Images and List. How each of these display styles look you can find out here.
  4. Number of columns - this dropdown menu appears only if Grid is selected in Display style and is used to set the number of columns in the grid
  5. Show Categories - Select whether to display categories for easier filtering of speakers (available only in Grid display style)


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