Adding New and Editing Existing Speakers

When you have first installed and activated Speakers add-on, you will notice that there is another menu item within Tickera's menu named, Speakers. If you navigate there, the first thing you will see is - the blank table. But there is nothing wrong with this as you have just installed an add-on and you haven't created any speakers yet. This table will, of course, display all of the speakers you have created (once you create some) and from there, you will be able to also edit, delete and search the existing speakers.


Adding New Speaker

To add new speaker, hit the Add New button located in the top left corner. This will bring you to another page.

There are plenty of options and fields on this page and although vast majority of these are pretty self explanatory, we'll go through all of that and provide an explanation for each.

  1. Speaker Name - as the title suggests, this is where you should enter the name of the speaker.
  2. Description field - you can use this field to enter all about this speaker you want your audience to know (i.e. biography, references, achievements, etc.)
  3. Speaker Website & Social Profiles - you can use these fields to enter speaker website or URLs to their social media profiles or pages and these URLs will be then embedded to the icons of the social media that will display below the name of the speaker on the front end.
  4. Speaker Categories - of course, you might have lots of the speakers at your event and this calls for categorizing. Therefore, we've included this option. To categorize speakers, you can either select one of the previously created categories or you can add new category simply by clicking Add New Speaker Category.
  5. Speaker Photo - photo of the speaker
  6. Speaker Title - the title of the speaker or their function (i.e. CEO, President, etc.). Content of this field will appear below the name of the speaker on the front end.
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