Slack Notifications

If you are already using Slack for your team, you probably know how useful tool it is. If not, we believe you might start since this add-on embraces the power of the simplicity of the Slack and serves as ticket selling real-time notification tool.

For Slack Notifications for Tickera to work properly, you will need (yes, you guessed it right) Slack account. Getting a basic account (which is perfectly enough for this purpose), can be done by visiting this link and following pretty self explanatory (as well as witty) instructions throughout the whole process of creating a new account.

Once you have finished creating your account (or if you had one before), you may proceed to setting it up for use with Tickera.

If you have installed and activated Slack Notifications for Tickera you will notice a new tab in Tickera Settings area named simply Slack. When clicked, you'll get the page with couple of options at your disposal:



  1. Notification Title - Lets you choose what will be the title of the Slack notifications
  2. Bot Name - Here you can choose what would you like to be the name of your Bot
  3. Bot Icon - You can choose one of the emoji icons and the complete list of available emojis can be found if clicked on the link in the description of the field.
  4. Channel Name - Here you should enter the name of the existing channel on your Slack account which is going to be used for the notifications.
  5. Webhook URL - To make Slack Notifications for Tickera work properly, you should create a webhook. It is easily accessible by clicking the link in the description which will redirect you to Slack webpage.



If you are already logged in to your Slack account you will be immediately presented with the option to choose (or create new) a channel which you would like to use for this purpose (1). When you choose, click on the big, green "Add Incoming WebHooks Integration" button and you will be redirected to the page with the WebHook URL (2). Copy that URL and paste it to the Webhook URL field in Tickera Settings.


When finished, simply click on Save Changes and your Slack Notifications for Tickera is now live and ready to send you notifications after each ticket is sold!

Optionally, you may choose to install free Slack iOSAndroid and Windows Phone app so that you get notified even when away from keyboard. Pretty useful, right?


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