In order to use Stripe, you’ll need to create a Stripe merchant account for which you can sign up here.

Once you’ve signed up, log in to your Stripe account and from the account menu in the upper-right of the page select Account icon > Developers and click the API Keys panel.

This is where you will find two sets of API keys: Test and Live. Test API keys are used for testing while Live API keys are used for the live/production site.

Now, go back to Tickera>Settings>Payment Gateways, activate Stripe from Payment Gateways list, scroll down and fill in necessary information:


  1. Mode - from this dropdown menu you can choose Sandbox/Test or Live. Depending which mode you have selected, you must enter corresponding set of API keys below
  2. Send Receipt - select whether to send your customer Stripe Receipt upon completed purchase. If you set this to Yes, log in to your Stripe account and locate Email and check Email customers for: "successful payments" and in case you want to change receive description you should add these lines into your functions.php file:
    add_filter('stripe_order_description', 'new_stripe_order_description', 10, 3); 
    function new_stripe_order_description($content, $order_id, $buyer_email){ 
        $content = 'New Receipt Description Here'; 
        return $content; 
  3. Secret API Key - paste here Secret API Key from your Stripe account (Sandbox/Test or Live - depending on which mode you have selected)
  4. Publishable API key - paste here Publishable API Key from your Stripe account (Sandbox/Test or Live - depending on which mode you have selected)
  5. Currency - select a currency you want to use and make sure it matches the one you have selected as your Tickera store base currency in General Settings
  6. Skip Payment Confirmation Page - select whether you would like to skip payment confirmation page or not
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