To start using PayUmoney payment gateway, you should create your merchant account here.

However, creating PayUmoney merchant account is a bit on the tricky side in terms of requirements. So, before you even start with creating your account make sure you have these three documents:

  1. Your Pan Card copy
  2. KYC Document (Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License)
  3. Bank Verification Letter or Cancelled Cheque  of Savings Bank Account

Also it requires some time (usually within 24 hours) for your account to be approved for Website Integration.

After you have created your account and upon approval, log in to the Dashboard of your account and locate Account Details (1) menu item like the picture below suggests.


When clicked to Account Details it will lead you to, you guessed it, your account details page where you should locate Merchant Key Salt tab (2).


Within that tab you will be able to find your Merchant Key (3) and Merchant Salt (4) needed for setting up PayUmoney in Tickera.


All you have to do now is to go to Tickera>Settings>Payment Gateways, activate PayUmoney and enter all the necessary credentials:


  1. Mode - Choose Test or Live Mode. Test mode is used for testing the payment gateway and will not work with the merchant key and salt found within your PayUmoney account.
  2. Merchant Key - here you should paste merchant key found in your PayUmoney merchant account
  3. Merchant Salt - here you should paste merchant salt found in your PayUmoney merchant account
  4. Currency - Currently, PayUmoney supports only Indian Rupee (INR) so make sure it matches global currency set in the General Settings
  5. Skip Payment Confirmation Page - choose whether to skip payment notification page or not
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