PayPal Standard

In order to use PayPal Standard with Tickera, first you have to set up a Verified PayPal Premier or Business Account here. If you have an existing Personal account, you can upgrade your account to a Premier or Business account. Navigate to your account profile icon and select Profile and Settings (1) like displayed on the picture below.


Now head to My Personal Info (2) and locate Business information and click Upgrade (3) to upgrade your account.


Once you’ve upgraded your account go back to Tickera>Settings>Payment Gateways, select PayPal Standard from the list of available Payment Gateways, scroll down and fill in necessary information:


  1. Mode - from this dropdown menu you can choose Sandbox/Test or Live mode.
  2. PayPal E-Mail - enter your PayPal email address here
  3. Locale  - select your PayPal locale
  4. Currency - select PayPal currency and make sure it matches global currency set in the General Settings
  5. Ignore IPN errors - select whether to ignore IPN (Instant Payment Notification) errors or not
  6. Skip Payment Confirmation page - select whether to skip payment confirmation page or not

In case that orders are pending after successful payment make sure to set up the following parameters in your PayPal account:

  1. Go to Profile and Settings
  2. My selling tools
  3. Credit card statement name
  4. Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold – Set to: Yes, accept and convert them to (your currency)

Also you have to:

  1. Go to Profile and Settings
  2. My selling tools
  3. Website performance
  4. Payment Data Transfer (optional): has to be set – Off

To set up Auto Return go to your PayPal:

  1. Log in and click the Profile subtab under My Account.
  2. Click the Website Payment Preferences link under Selling Preferences.
  3. Click the On radio button to enable Auto Return.
  4. Enter the Return URL:

That's it. Your customers will be now automatically redirected to your site after they finish with payment.

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