Optimal Payments

To be able to use Optimal Payments with Tickera, you should have an active merchant account or register a new one here.

After registering and confirming registration via email, login to your Optimal Payments account.

You should be able to see your account details and API credentials like this:


Now, the tricky part is to correctly grab API Key ID and API Key Secret as the two are divided by colon punctuation mark as shown on the picture above.

  1. API Key ID
  2. API Key Secret
  3. Account Number

When you copy that information, head to the Payment Gateways tab in Tickera settings and select Optimal Payments from the list of available payment gateways in order to activate it.

Now scroll down to the Netbanx Settings and enter information as the picture below suggests:


  1. Enter mode (Sandbox/Test for testing purposes or Live for live/production website)
  2. Your Account Number
  3. Your API Key ID
  4. Your API Key Secret
  5. Choose whether to skip payment confirmation page or not



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