Offline Payments

The Offline Payment method is intended to be used as a simple pass-thru checkout process that provides instructions to the customers to make payments offline and is perfect for situations where you need to receive payments such as Cash on Delivery, Money Orders, Bank Deposits, Cheques etc.

Setting up Offline Payment method is rather easy with the options that are pretty self explanatory. However, we'll go through each of the offered options and explain what is what.


  1. Public Method Name - Enter name that will appear as payment method title or something that will suggest how it is intended to be used. For example: Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Mailed Payment, C.O.D. etc.
  2. Admin Method Name - Enter admin name for this payment method which will be visible within the administration panel. For example 'Offline Payment'
  3. Payment Method Info - Information about the payment method which will be visible to user upon choosing this payment method
  4. Payment Instructions - Enter the payment instructions in the text box provided. Your customers who complete the checkout using this payment method will be given a set of instructions (entered here) to complete the purchase process immediately after checkout completion. It may come useful to insert some details regarding the order in the instructions, so we've put a couple of placeholders to your disposal: ORDER_ID, ORDER_TOTAL, BUYER_NAME
  5. E-mail Instructions - Send an email with the payment instructions to a customer upon creating an order. This e-mail will be sent only if status of a order is "Order Received".
  6. Instructions E-mail Subject - Subject of the payment instructions e-mail
  7. Automatic Payment Status - From this dropdown menu you can select automatic payment status which will be set for all custom offline payment orders. If you are awaiting a proof of payment to be sent by your customer via email or by other means, it is advisable to set Order Received here and once they supply a proof of successful payment you can manually change the order status to Order Paid which will then trigger an automatic email by which the ticket download links will be delivered. However, if you Order Paid as automatic order status, your customers will have the ability to download tickets immediately after completing the checkout on the Order Details Page.
  8. Skip Payment Confirmation Page - if set to Yes, order confirmation page will be skipped



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