Before you start make sure you have an active Braintree merchant account or create a new one here.

When done creating your merchant account, log in and head to the Dashboard where you can immediately locate keys needed for setting up Braintree with Tickera.1

* Please note that picture above displays sandbox account which is missing a CSE Key which is normally available with the regular merchant account.

Now, head to Tickera Settings > Payment Gateways and select Braintree from the list of available payment gateways to activate it. Once activated you will be able to enter all of the credentials needed for Braintree to be used with Tickera.


  1. Mode - choose between Sandbox  and Production (Live Site/Force SSL) mode ( To go live, login to your Braintree account and click the green Apply button. To complete the application process for your Braintree merchant account, you’ll need: about 10 minutes to complete the application, a voided check scanned or photo from your US business checkout account, card processing statements if you are currently processing cards you need a scanned or electronic copy of the last 3 months of credit processing statements)
  2. Merchant Key - obtainable from your Braintree account
  3. Private Key - obtainable from your Braintree account
  4. Public Key - obtainable from your Braintree account
  5. CSE Key - obtainable from your Braintree account
  6. Currency - select a currency you would like to use and make sure it matches the base currency set in General Settings



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