To use Beanstream with Tickera you will need an active merchant account. If you don't have it already you can create an account here.

Once you logged in to your account you will need to locate your Merchant ID and API access passcode. While Merchant ID is easily visible on the top-right corner, finding API access passcode is a bit of a challenge. It is located within Configuration menu item on the right and under Payment profile configuration submenu (just pay close attention to the supplied picture and you should be good).


Now, head to Tickera Settings > Payment Gateways select Beanstream to activate it and enter all the required credentials:


  1. Mode - select Sandbox/Test or Live mode
  2. Merhcant ID - enter your merchant ID you have previously obtained from your Beanstream account
  3. API access passcode - enter your API access passcode you have previously obtained from your Beanstream account
  4. Currency - select between four available currencies (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR)  you would like to use and make sure it matches the base currency set in General Settings
  5. Skip Payment Confirmation Page - select whether to skip payment confirmation page or not



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