First you have to create 2Checkout account and Sign in.


Now when you are signed in, go to 2Checkout navigate to Account>Site Management>Checkout Options and customise following settings:

  1. Currency - The currency specified in Tickera must match the currency that has been specified in your 2Checkout account. Otherwise, the customer will be charged with the wrong amount
  2. Company Information - Fill in your company information such as, Company Name, URL, Soft Descriptor, Site Title, Site Description, and Site Category.
  3. Direct Return - Select Header Redirect (With the Return Method set to Header Redirect (Your URL) the customer will be immediately returned to your approved URL. Using this method, the sale parameters will be returned along with the customer using the GET method)
  4. Approved URL - Input a url for your customers to be sent to on a successful purchase (http://yourcompany.com/confirmation)
  5. Secret Word -Input A unique secret word


Now return to Tickera>Settings>Payment Gateway, select 2Checkout from Payment Gateway list, scroll down and fill in necessary information:

1. Mode - From this dropdown menu you can choose Sandbox (Test) Mode or Live Mode

2. 2Checkout Credentials - Input Seller ID and Secret word. You are going to find Input Seller ID and Secret word in your 2Checkout (Look at the picture below)


3. 2Checkout Currency - Selecting a currency other than that used for your store may cause problems at checkout


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