Payment Gateways

When you first visit Payment Gateways tab, you will see that all your gateways are inactive by default except Free Payment Gateway.


Also, Free Payment Gateway cannot be deactivated as it acts as a fallback if and only if the total price of and order is 0 (zero). If the total price of an order is any other amount, other payment gateway which have been set up here will be offered on the checkout.

Now, to use a certain payment gateway offered in this list, you must first click on it to activate it after which a list of an options corresponding to that payment gateway will load below.

Each payment gateway has different settings and requires different set of credentials to be entered all of which is explained separately on our documentation pages. So, find the one you intend on using and with which you have an active merchant account and see what you need to do to properly set it up.


Please note:

The list of the available payment gateways presented on the screenshot above, may vary depending on which Tickera license you have and which add-ons you have installed. A full list of payment gateways supported by Tickera can be found here.

Also, bear in mind that, if you have Bridge for WooCommerce add-on installed, Payment Gateways tab in Tickera won't be accessible as tickets are then created as WooCommerce products and therefore WooCommerce takes care of the whole checkout part which means that WooCommerce's payment gateways will be used.

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