API Access

API Access Keys are the crucial part for check-in process. Without those, syncing attendees between Checkinera apps and attendee database on your website would be impossible as well as anything else related to the check-in process. API keys are automatically created once you finish creating an event. However, you may still want to add more API Access Keys and you will certainly want to visit this section to at least see which API Access Keys are associated with your event. So, let's walk through the setup on how to get credentials to use and sync Tickera with Checkinera apps as an admin or as a user with limited permissions:

  1. Event - First you have to select for which event you want to create API key (you can either choose All in which case you will have API key valid for all the events or you can select one particular event)
  2. API Key Name - Input name for API Key. For example: iPhone 1, South Entrance, John Smith etc. This name will be linked with every check-in operation. However, this field is optional and you may leave it blank if you don't have need for it.
  3. API Key - This is the API Key you will have to enter in Checkinera app. You can enter basically anything you like with any combination of alphanumeric characters.
  4. Username - This is the WordPress user who will have access to the API key within the WP Admin. It is useful if you want to give API Key which will be available to a user with "Staff" role. If you leave it empty, API key will be available for administrators only.
  5. API/WordPress URL - here you can find URL you should enter to Checkinera app in order for the application to be able to communicate with the attendee database on your website.
  6. Add New - Click on 'Add New' button in order to create new API Key
  7. After you Add a API Key, it will appear in the table on the bottom, along with other API Keys you already created. Here you will find additional information about all created API Keys: ID, Event, API Key Name, API Key and Username. From here you can also edit and delete API Keys.




Once you have created the API Access Keys for your event (or just reviewed the ones that are automatically created for you upon creating an event), you will need to enter that information to the Checkinera app. Complete instruction on how to use iOS and Android apps can be found here while you should consult this instruction on how to use Checkinera web app.

  • Can I have multiple people to check-in attendees at the same time?    YES
  • Can I use multiple API keys at once?  YES
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