Now let’s take a look at some of the main settings that you need to adjust before creating your event.

Settings page contains several tabs (five by default):

  1. General Settings - anything and everything... this tab contains all the settings related to your ticketing store, options for Tickera pages, miscellaneous settings, event settings, etc. Also, options available here may vary depending on whether you are using Tickera as a standalone or accompanied by Bridge for WooCommerce add-on.
  2. Payment Gateways - all the settings related to the payment gateways. Options available here may vary depending on what Tickera license you are holding. Please note that if you have Bridge for WooCommerce add-on installed, this tab won't be visible given that in this case WooCommerce takes care of the whole checkout and therefore Tickera's payment gateways are not used.
  3. E-mail - all the e-mail related settings such as content of the emails for sending to your clients or the site admin and in which cases, etc.
  4. API Access - place where you can overview or create new API access keys needed for the Checkinera apps for the iOS and Android devices and for Checkinera web app.
  5. Delete info - in this area, you can delete all the information stored to database by Tickera and its add-ons.
  6. Export PDF - from here you can export attendee lists in PDF format.
  7. System - General information about your website, theme, plugins, etc. If you have any issues on your website, you should copy this information and send to our support agents along with the description of the issue.
  8. Additional tabs - many Tickera add-ons have their options stored as separate tabs in this area. Such add-ons are Check-in App Translation, CSV Export, Custom Ticket Template Fonts, Mailchimp, Sendloop, Slack Notifications, Terms & Conditions, Pushover Notifications, Twilio SMS, etc.

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