Serial Ticket Codes

This add-on will make it possible for you to create arbitrary ticket codes according to your exact needs. Now, if you already have installed and activated Serial Ticket Codes, let's walk through its settings and explain the possibilities along the way.

When you install and activate this add-on, a new tab named Serial Tickets will appear in Tickera Settings. Like the image below suggests, there are several settings to help you shape your custom ticket code:



  1. Next number of the serial tickets - represents the number which will appear on your next ticket when purchased.
  2. Serial ticket code prefix - this is where you can enter the prefix for the ticket code which can be any letter, number or combination of both.
  3. Serial ticket code suffix - the entry from this field will appear after a ticket code. Any letter or number is accepted.
  4. Serial ticket code minimum length - defines the minimum number of characters in your ticked code.
  5. Pad character/replace empty character - entry from this field will replace an empty character in your code.
    Example: if you have set the next number of the serial ticket to 1 (one) and set your serial ticket code minimum length to 5 (five), if you enter here 0 (zero) your ticket will be 00001.

To help you further understand all of the elements in the settings, we will demonstrate how the ticket code looks like when you enter values like shown on the picture above:



Since this add-on opens up a lot of possibilities for creating various ticket codes and  not every barcode type accepts every formatting type, it is advisable to test the barcode on your ticket template prior going to production. 

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