Sendloop Newsletter

Tickera Sendloop add-on allows you to send newsletters and run automated email marketing campaigns easier. In order to set up Tickera Sendloop add-on you will first need to sign up for Sendloop account which you can do here.

After you have created your Sendloop account you will need to log in to your account and grab a couple of credentials needed to set it up with Tickera.

First off, you will need Sendloop Subdomain which you will find in the address/search bar of your browser (for example:



Next, you will need API key which you can find within your Sendloop account if you navigate to Settings>API Settings:




Last but not least is the list (pun intended) 🙂

To locate your List ID take a look at your browser's address/search bar when you navigate to Subscribers>Your created List. However, bear in mind that some browsers (i.e. Safari for Mac) are shortening the visible part of the URL so you might miss the trailing number which is your list ID. If that is the case, just click that URL in your address/search bar and you will be able to see it in whole.



Now when you have all the necessary information get back to Tickera>Settings>Sendloop and enter corresponding credentials previously obtained from your Sendloop account and set other options to suit your needs:


  1. Disable Sendloop - Check to disable Sendloop submission
  2. Sendloop Subdomain - Here you should enter your Sendloop subdomain that we have mentioned earlier
  3. API Key/Test newsletter submission - Enter your Sendloop API key and press Test newsletter submission to see if everything works
  4. List ID - Enter Sendloop list ID
  5. Enable Double Opt-In - If enabled, customers will receive an email prompting them to confirm their subscription prior adding their email address to your mailing list


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