Once you have installed Seating Charts add-on, let's first take a look at its basic settings. Head over to Tickera Settings area where you should be able to see a new tab named Seating Charts.

Within this tab, you will find two main sections of the settings: General Settings and Firebase Settings. Let's break it down and see what is what.


General Settings

General Settings offer you to select a coloring for each of the seat "states": Reserved, In Cart, In Other's Cart and Checked In.


  1. Reserved Seat Color - This seat color will represent the one that is already purchased and therefore unavailable
  2. In Cart Seat Color - Seat will have this color when a customer clicks on it and adds it to the cart
  3. In Other's Cart Seat Color - This color will be used to represent a seat that is added to the cart by other customer but prior finishing their ticket purchase. Please note that in order to use this feature, you need to set up Google Firebase which is thoroughly described here
  4. Checked-in Seat Color - Color of the seat for which the ticket has been checked-in. This is visible only in the back-end.


Firebase Settings

Within this area you can set up your Google Firebase account credentials which Seating Charts add-on can be used with. Using Seating Charts add-on with Firebase is not mandatory but the main benefit for  this would be the ability to display seats that are in someone else's cart in real time which, consequentially, disables the ability for customers to purchase the ticket for the same seat at the same time. Thorough instruction on how to create and configure your Firebase account can be found here where you can also find out how to get all the credentials needed to set up this part.


  1. Use Firebase Integration - select whether to use Firebase or not
  2. Authentication Domain - enter your Firebase authentication domain
  3. Database URL - URL of your Firebase database
  4. API Key - your database API key
  5. Database Secret Key - secret key of your database


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