Front End

So, you are finally done creating your seating chart and are ready to go live with it. This is the perfect time to test out the actual functionality of the seating chart which we'll now discuss.

First, to make seating chart available on your page, you should place a shortcode for it using Tickera shortcode builder and selecting Seating Chart from the dropdown menu of the shortcode builder (1)


This will load several options regarding seating charts. Namely, you will have a dropdown menu to select which seating chart you would like to insert (2), select whether or not to show a legend (description of tickets and colors in the top left corner) (3), title of a button (4), subtotal title on the seating charts page (5) and cart title (6)

When done selecting all of this, hit Insert Shortcode button and an appropriate shortcode will be placed on your page or post.

This shortcode actually places "just" a button to your page or post and looks something like this:


Please bear in mind that looks of this may greatly vary depending on the theme you are using but the functionality is completely the same.


You might be asking yourself "What? This is IT?" Actually, it is. However, once you click this button, seating chart will load and will look exactly like you have created it. front_canvas

On the front end, just as it is the case in the back, you can zoom in and out using + and - buttons or mouse wheel and you can move chart around freely. To add the ticket to the cart, just click on the desired seat or anywhere on the standing area (as it doesn't have assigned places and is controlled entirely by the quantity of available tickets for that ticket type).

Now, as it is shown on the legend in the top left, you can see a color of the seats for each ticket type as well as color for the seats that are already taken and color of the ones you have added to the cart which you can set in Seating Charts Settings. In case you have set up Firebase integration, you will be able to see another item in the legend named In Other's Cart which represents seats that other people have just added to the cart in the real time.

Once you click the desired seat or standing area, a popup will appear asking you to confirm adding to the cart selected ticket.


When you confirm adding that ticket to the cart, subtotal price will show an overall price for all the tickets added to the cart.


After you have finished adding all the tickets to the cart you want, just hit Go to Cart button which will then load Tickera's standard Cart page with all of the tickets you have previously added.

When ticket purchase is finished and a customer receives an email with the ticket download links, if they have purchased a ticket for an assigned seat and you have placed Ticket Type element to your ticket template, seat number will be displayed next to the name of the ticket type.




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