Firebase Setup and Configuring

Using Google's Firebase with Seating Charts add-on is not mandatory but it is very handy thing to have. This will allow you to display in real time tickets that are in each of the site visitors cart. To be able to have this, you will need Firebase account which is free to use.

Setting up Firebase account is not very complicated but still requires a number of steps which we'll describe here now.


Create Google Firebase Account and Project

First, head to Google Firebase website and create an account. Of course, if you have any Google account already created, you can simply log in with those credentials and you're done.

Once logged in, hit Go to Console link at the top right.

Firebase Welcome Screen

A new page will load with a blue button dominating the middle of the screen named Create New Project (1). Go ahead and click that button now. A popup will appear offering you to enter a name for your project (2) and select a country/region you're from (3). When done, hit Create Project button (4).

Firebase - Create New Project

It will take a couple of seconds for project to gets created after which a new page will load offering you plenty of options.


Luckily, you don't have to understand nor do much here, so we'll skip all the boring bits and pieces and get right to the point. On this page, simply click Add Firebase to your web app. A popup with some code will appear which you don't particularly need to understand as we'll use just the credentials provided within that code snippet. More precisely, we'll need the following: API key, Auth Domain and Database URL. On the screenshot below, you will find all of those clearly marked.

Firebase - Credentials

Copy those three credentials (not the whole code) using plain text to, for example Notepad and save it as you'll need it later on to set up Tickera with those credentials. Just remember that quotation marks around the credentials are not the part of the values so you should copy only the values between the quotation marks. 


Now, there is one more thing we need to get; Database Secret Key.

To get to this, first hit the little cog icon on the top left, right below your project name (1). When clicked, select Project Settings (2) and new page will load. On this page, select Service Accounts tab (3) on the right and within that area, select Database Secrets (4). Once there, you will quickly notice an array of dots representing a secret key. If you hover that area, Show button (5) will appear which, when clicked, will reveal your database secret key. Just copy this key by using an copy icon (6) and paste it to the same place you have previously saved the rest of your credentials.

Firebase - Database Secret


After this, you will need to set up rules for your Firebase database. To do this, hit Database on the menu left and then select Rules tab as displayed on the picture below:


Within the rules, you will see that there is already a snippet added there which won't work as-is with Seating Charts add-on so you will need to remove it and then copy and paste the following snippet:


Once you have it in place, simply hit Publish button and you are done with setting up Firebase. You may now proceed to Tickera settings.


Setting up Tickera for use with Google Firebase

Log in to the admin area of your website and navigate to Tickera Settings -> Seating Charts tab. Once there, navigate to the Firebase Settings area.

First set Use Firebase Integration to Yes. Now, open your plain text document containing credentials you have previously gathered on Google Firebase website, and copy/paste one by one to their corresponding fields.

Firebase - Tickera Settings

When done, simply hit Save Changes button and you have finished setting up Tickera for use with Google Firebase.


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