Restricted Content

With Restricted Content plugin, as the name itself suggests, you can restrict access to certain content on your website based on several conditions. Some of the conditions are strictly based on Tickera and WooCommerce features but there is also an option to display or show content based solely on whether a user is logged in or not, whether they have certain user role or certain capability within their user role.

Without further ado, let's take a look at all the options this plugin has to offer.


Set up

Installing Restricted Content plugin is pretty easy and straight forward and as such, does not differ at all from installing any other WordPress plugin. In the unlikely case that this the first time you are installing any WordPress plugin, you can find thorough instruction on how to do this here.

Once installed and activated, you can access its options within WordPress Settings area by clicking on Restricted Content submenu item.

Restricted Content - Settings

Within options of this plugin you will find fields to set up custom messages in various cases when content is not available for certain users based on different criteria.

All of the fields are pretty self explanatory and there is even a predefined message for each case which you can but don't have to change based on your own preferences.



This is where things are becoming interesting and where you actually start utilizing this plugin. Now, since there are a three cases of usage, we'll break it down and explain as thorough as possible each of them.

General Usage

When creating new or editing existing page or post, you will notice that there is new dropdown box named suggestively Content Available To where you can set to which users you would like to allow this content. By default each new or existing post or page is set to Everyone which means, naturally, that anyone can access content on this page or post. However, you can also set following criteria for accessing content:

Logged in users - requires users to be logged in to access content but does not require specific user role nor capability



Users with specific role - only logged in users with specific user role will be able to access content. When this option is selected, new field will appear where you will be able to select which user role(s)  will be able to access content.



Users with specific capability - when this option is selected, new field will appear allowing you to define a specific capability required to access this restricted content.



Tickera Users

While previously described options can be used regardless of whether you are using Tickera or not, following option is particularly interesting for you as Tickera user since it allows you to restrict content based on three different cases for customers who purchased Tickera tickets. So, when Tickera Users is selected in this dropdown, you will have these options at your disposal:

Any ticket type - customers who purchased any of the tickets will be able to access this restricted content



Any ticket type for specific event - when this option is selected new field will appear where you will be able to select specific event(s) for which customers need to have purchased tickets in order to access this restricted content.



Specific ticket type - this option allows you to define which ticket type(s) your customers need to have purchased prior being able to access this restricted content.


It is very important to know that this will work only if Force Login option is set in Tickera Settings area which, essentially, requires customers to be registered and logged in prior being able to purchase their tickets.


WooCommerce Users 

If you are using WooCommerce on your website, including the case if you are using it to sell Tickera tickets via Bridge for WooCommerce you can make use of the following two options.

Any product - allows customer who purchased any product in your WooCommerce store to access this restricted content



Specific Product - when this option is selected, a new field will appear allowing you to select particular product(s) which your customers need to purchase prior being able to access restricted content on this page or post




Use cases

So, OK, we have mentioned here all of the options and some of you may already see the light through the door of the whole new world of possibilities this has to offer. But, just in case, let's get through some typical cases you might get use from this plugin so that you can get the idea how to utilize it with your scenario.


Allow ticket purchase to members only

We were often asked by our customers whether Tickera supports memberships and similar functionalities. And while this is still not an option in Tickera, and still has to be handled by third party plugins that can handle memberships, Restricted Content may help greatly in limiting what is accessible to whom.

Imagine this: You are hosting an event and want to allow ticket purchase only to the registered users with certain user role (i.e. Members). So, all you need to do is to restrict an access to the event page (if you are using Show Tickets Automatically feature) or restrict access to any other page that contains event tickets shortcode. As simple as that.

Also, this might come handy if you have some special ticket types that should be available only to certain user roles while "general" type of tickets can be purchased by anyone.


Require purchase of the ticket(s) prior being able to access page/post content

Similarly to previous case, but the other way around, you can limit access to some page or post based on which ticket types a customer have previously purchased. So, for example, if you have content that is related only to attendees and should not otherwise be visible to the rest of the world, you can restrict access to it and require that user has to purchase any or particular ticket for your event(s) in order to access content on this page.

Also, this works with WooCommerce as well. You can require customer to purchase any or specific WooCommerce product in order to gain access to the content on the specific page or post. This also comes in handy if you are selling Tickera tickets as WooCommerce products through Bridge for WooCommerce.


Offer certain ticket types only if other ticket is previously purchased

This case is also very often asked for. So, for example, you are hosting an event and want to offer tickets at special price for the customers that have purchased tickets for the previous event. To do this, all you need to do is to create ticket types that will be available only to the customers that previously have purchased some or specific tickets (with different price and/or perks) and place shortcodes of those ticket types on the page or post that have restricted content that matches this criteria.


These are just some of the examples how Restricted Content plugin can be used but there are literally countless cases in which you might benefit from this plugin. Concrete usage will vastly depend on your exact scenario.



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