Populate empty owner info

When you disable attendee fields by setting Show Ticket Attendee Fields to No within  Tickera Setting -> General tab, you will be collecting only buyer information. We understand that you might have such scenario where information for each of the attendees is not important to you and therefore you don't want to collect it. However, this might cause problems with search functionality within Attendees & Tickets area of Tickera as search is performed based on the attendee names which, in this case, are left blank.

So, when you install and activate this add-on a new tab in Tickera Settings will appear, labeled Populate Attendees Info and within which you will find only one button. If you click this button, the add-on will go through all the records of the existing attendees and wherever the attendee info is empty, it will copy buyer info (first and last name). All this happens in merely a second (depends really on the number of attendees) and once done, you will notice that problem with search functionality within Attendees & Tickets is resolved.



This add-on is installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin and works with Tickera as a standalone as well as with Bridge for WooCommerce.

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