Navigating your Tickera Account Dashboard

Your Tickera account is basically your dashboard for all things related to Tickera. From license handling to your credentials and invoices, it's all there.

So, let's dive in and see what is what.



As soon as you log in with your email and password, this page will automatically load. This page displays all the domains (websites) to which you have installed Tickera and any of its add-ons. You can see clear overview which website is using what with visual icon-representation of each plugin which, if hovered, will reveal the full name of the plugin. Also, if you click on any specific domain in this list, this will load the detailed overview with information such as when the add-on was installed, when the license expires, etc. Most importantly, from here you can deactivate license for Tickera or any of its add-ons in case you can't log in to that particular website. This is particularly useful in cases of disputes with your clients for which you have, for example, created Tickera - powered website.




This is basically a list of everything "downloadable" that your Tickera account includes; from Tickera core plugin, to add-ons and download links for Check-in apps and, if your license includes this, source codes of Check-in apps (currently only available for Lifetime license).




In this area, you will be able to find all of your Tickera licenses so you can copy them and use on the website where you have installed Tickera. Also, here you can see when exactly your license expires (not that we won't remind you about it, but still). Now, if you click any of your existing licenses, an additional window will load which will offer you to upgrade to higher tier and to disable automatic license renewal. Renewals are automatic unless you disable automatic license renewal which is done exactly here by clicking Cancel Auto-Renew



Orders History

This area will contain a list of all the purchases of Tickera you have done, including license renewals. Next to each of them, you will notice that there is an Invoice button which, if clicked, will automatically download the invoice for that particular order.



Renewals and Billing

Within this area, you can see an overview of Tickera plans that you have purchased and their billing cycle limit, license expiration and whether the license is automatically renewed. By clicking on any of the items in this list, you will be able to see the details of each purchased plan but also to cancel auto-renewal if you want.



My Profile

This is where your credentials are and where you can change them if needed. Any changes made here will reflect the invoices as well as well as what is displayed in the Account area of Tickera plugin itself on your website. So, if during the purchase you have entered something wrong or you simply want to change your Tickera account password, you can do all that from here.



Good people of Freemius who are our authorized resellers included this nice FAQ to your account along with videos that may help you with basic instructions on downloading and installing plugins, handling your subscriptions, upgrading your plans and payment methods and much more. We strongly recommend you to run through all this FAQ regardless of whether you're new to the whole thing or you're seasoned WordPress developer. This section contains invaluable information and will save you a lot of time... not to mention that everything is extremely well and concisely written and videos are nice too.




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