Mollie Payment Gateway

Mollie add-on for Tickera allows you to use Mollie payment gateway for ticket selling on your website. To be able to use Mollie add-on, you will need an active account on Mollie so if you don't have one you can create it rather easy here. Once you have your Mollie account, log in, and navigate to Websiteprofielen (website profiles) item in the dashboard menu of your account. That will load a page where you will be able to grab your API key needed to set up Mollie payment gateway in Tickera.


Now, when you have your API key, install and activate Mollie add-on and navigate to Tickera > Settings > Payment Gateways, check the Mollie icon to set it active, scroll down to Mollie Settings and fill in the necessary information:


1. Mollie API Key - previously obtained from your Mollie account

2. Payment Method Name (shown on front) - name this payment method any way you like

3. Mollie Currency - Select Mollie currency and make sure it matches global currency set in General Settings.





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