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Tickera MailChimp add-on allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns to your customers. In order to set up Tickera MailChimp add-on you will need to sign up to MailChimp account first which you can do here.


After you have created your MailChimp head to your Account page by clicking an arrow next to your username on the top right and selecting Account as picture below implies:



Now, click Extras (1) and API keys (2) which will load a page where you will be able to create new API key and finally obtain one (3) needed for setting up Tickera to work MailChimp.



Now you have to create new list and find List ID in Lists>Your List>Settings>List ID




Now when you have all the necessary credentials navigate to Tickera>Settings>MailChimp and input those credentials to the corresponding fields:


  1. Disable MailChimp - Check to disable MailChimp submission (note: if MaiChimp add-on is installed and activated it will be active by ticking this checkbox will deactivate it)
  2. API Key - Enter MailChimp API key previously obtained from your MailChimp account
  3. List ID (test newsletter submission) - Enter MailChimp list ID previously obtained from your MailChimp account. Once done, click "Test newsletter submission" which will quickly check if everything works and throw a response depending on the result.
  4. Send Welcome E-mail - Check to enable MailChimp to send welcome e-mail (only if you have paid subscription at MailChimp)
  5. Enable Double Opt-In - If enabled, customers will first receive an mail prompting them to confirm their subscription prior adding their email address to your list
  6. Enable Confirmation Checkbox - If enabled, your customer will need to check this checkbox to confirm that they allow adding their email address to your mailing list

Now every email entered in the buyer field will be saved in your  MailChimp list.

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