Membership, License usage and Upgrade

Can I use the Tickera with only one license on different websites?

Yes you can. Once you purchase any of Tickera packages, you can install and use Tickera on any number of websites using the same license key. There are no limitations.


Can I upgrade my membership from Standard to Bundle or Bundle to Lifetime

Yes you can. If you decide to do this, please contact us at an we'll let you know how to proceed.


Can I upgrade from Free version to any of the paid licenses?

If you have used free version of Tickera but at some point you figured out that you want to start using premium version of Tickera for extended functionality, you can purchase any of the licenses you see fit. Once you have purchased any of the premium licenses, you should log in to your Tickera account and download the premium version of the plugin and (optionally) add-ons that you intend on using. Next, you should deactivate and remove free version of Tickera from your website and then install the premium one. And this step is very important since if you install premium version along the free one, you won't be able to access any of the premium features as the free version will stand in the way. Of course, all the events, ticket types, orders or anything else that you have made using free version will be exactly where you left it as Tickera stores all of its data to the database and therefore the data is not affected by uninstalling and reinstalling of the plugin in any way.


Do I need to renew my membership?

Licenses for Standard and Bundle packages are valid one year from the purchase after which they will be automatically renewed. Of course, you will be notified about this before the automatic renewal occurs. If, for any reason, you don't want your license to renew automatically, you should log in to your Tickera account, navigate to Licenses area, then click the particular license and in the popup window click Cancel Auto-Renew. However, please bear in mind that in order to have regular updates, to be eligible for premium support and maybe even more importantly, to be able to use Check-in apps, you will have to have valid license.

Lifetime package license does not require renewals and has life-long validity.


Do I get upgrades for the plugin, apps and add-ons?

Absolutely! Free updates are available for all clients with a valid membership.


Do I get access to add-ons?

Free version of Tickera and Standard license do not include any of the add-ons. Bundle package includes all the add-ons listed here except for Checkinera add-on. Lifetime license includes all the add-ons, including Checkinera, free forever. Of course, each add-on can be purchased separately and will work with any version of Tickera, including free version.


Do you offer support if I need help?

Of course! Our awesome customer support will help you with any issues you might experience with the plugin.


Where do I find Terms and Conditions and Refund policy?

You can find all about our terms and conditions along with the refund policy on our Terms & Conditions page.

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