How and Why Installing Bridge for WooCommerce plugin

At the beginning let's explain why do you need the Bridge for WooCommerce plugin.

Essentially, like the name suggests it is a bridge... kind of. Although when installed and activated you don't see anything happening right in front of you, it does very important job of connecting Tickera to WooCommerce plugin. Thanks to this little plugin, Tickera is able to communicate with WooCommerce and vice versa.

Installing Bridge for WooCommerce is fairly simple, as any other WordPress plugin. There are two ways of achieving that: from WordPress admin panel (the easy way) and via FTP upload (less easy but still not hard way). Let's take a look first at the easy way:


1. Installing Bridge for WooCommerce using WordPress admin panel


When you download your plugin, you will end up with a on your hard drive. Do not unpack it. Head to your WordPress admin panel and log in. Now, go to your plugins page and hit Add New. Now select Upload Plugin from the upper left corner. On the Add Plugins page, hit Choose File button and then browse to file on your computer. Select the file and hit Open. Now just click Install Now and watch the plugin being installed right before your very eyes. It will finish fairly soon. When done, click Activate Plugin and that's it: Bridge for WooCommerce is now installed and ready to fill the gap between the Tickera and WooCommerce.


2. Installing Bridge for WooCommerce using FTP method


Before you start installing Bridge for WooCommerce using this method, you should unpack your freshly downloaded When you unpack it, you will end up with the folder of the same name. Now, using one of the FTP managers and it is completely up to you and which one you prefer, upload that folder to wp-content/plugins folder on your server. When you finish uploading it, head to your WordPress admin panel and hit plugins. When the plugins page opens you should be able to see Bridge for WooCommerce plugin listed amongst all the other plugins you've installed. All you need to do now is to click "Activate" right below the title of the plugin. That's it. Plugin is ready.


There is really no difference between the two methods of installing the plugin as both are having the same results. Choose whatever you find that suits you best or if one method is failing for whatever reason, you can try installing the plugin using the other method. If you are asking us, we like the FTP method. Not because we like to look smart (well, maybe a little) but so we can monitor the whole process of uploading the files and to see at a glance if anything goes wrong. But it is completely OK for you not to be interested in that kind of stuff and just use the first, easy and convenient method.


Please note

If you have already used Tickera as a standalone (without Bridge for WooCoomerce) and decide to switch to the "bridge mode", all of the tickets sold while in standalone will become inaccessible! Therefore, we strongly advise you to start using Tickera in "bridge mode" at the beginning of the ticket sales for your event or if you have ongoing ticket sales in standalone mode, finish it that way and then switch to the "bridge mode" for the next event. 

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