Installing and managing Tickera plugin and add-ons
Installing free version of Tickera

Free version of Tickera can be found in WordPress plugin repository here. Free version has exactly the same functionality as any of the premium versions but lacks support for most of the payment gateways and does not include any of the add-ons. Once you download the free version, navigate to the Plugins area of your website, click Add New, then upload the downloaded zip file and hit Activate button. Right after you do this, a dialog box will appear where you will be able to select whether you want to allow Freemius (our authorized reselling partner) to collect diagnostic data about usage of Tickera on your website and to notify you about security updates. Now, although Freemius will not collect any sensitive data from your website whatsoever, you still can decide to Skip this in which case you will opt out from this.

Regardless of what your choice, this will be the finishing step in activating Tickera and whatever you choose here, Tickera will be activated and will have the same functionality in any case.



Installing premium version of Tickera

If, however, you have purchased premium version of Tickera you can check this video out on how to install Tickera:


Log in to your Tickera account and navigate to the Downloads area of the account where you will be able to download Tickera and any of the add-ons that included in the package you have purchased.

Depending on which package you have purchased, this page may contain different items. In any case, this is the place from where you will be able to download Tickera and any of its add-ons that you want to use. However, for now, download only Tickera plugin (we'll explain why in the next chapter about installing add-ons).

As soon as you start downloading Tickera, a popup will immediately appear where your license key will be displayed. So, just copy it to the clipboard since you will need it soon.

Once you have downloaded Tickera from you account, you should navigate to the Plugins area of your website, click Add New and then upload it there. After you have uploaded and installed it, click Activate button. Immediately after that, you will be prompted to enter your license key so if you have copied it previously when you have started downloading Tickera, simply paste it now to this field.

Once you have pasted your license key, click Agree & Activate License. Freemius will then perform a quick check and if you have entered valid license key, Tickera will be activated and you will be immediately redirected to quick setup wizard which will perform basic setup for you in few easy steps.



Installing add-ons

There are two ways of installing Tickera add-ons; one is "classic" one and considers downloading add-ons from your Tickera account (the same way you have downloaded Tickera once you have purchased premium version) and then uploading it to your website like you would do with any other WordPress plugin. Now, if you have previously installed premium version of Tickera and correctly entered your license key and the package you have purchased contains an add-on that you are installing, license verification for the add-on will be automatically performed upon activation of an add-on. However, if you have purchased an add-on separately, you will be asked to enter your license key which you have obtained when you started downloading the add-on.

Now, if you have already installed and activated license for the premium version of Tickera and the package you have purchased contains add-ons, you can navigate to the Account area of Tickera on your own website and install add-ons from there.

If you click Install Now button next to any of the add-ons, this will automatically download the latest version of an add-on from our server and install it to your website after which, all you need to do is to click the Activate button and that's it - add-on installation is done.


Multisite network

If your website is based on WordPress multisite network, you should network activate Tickera and all of the add-ons you intend on using. This will make it easier for license handling as the license entered for network activated plugin will be automatically translated to all the subsites in your network. If, however, you activate Tickera on per-subsite basis, you will need to enter license key on each separate subsite as if you were installing Tickera on separate websites.


White labeling

The usage of white label option is thoroughly explained here. Now, if you decide to white-label Tickera, you should be aware that, apart from "renaming" the plugin this will also remove the Account and Addons menu items from Tickera. So, before you proceed and white label Tickera on your website, you should first enter your license key and activate your license after which you can white-label Tickera.

Alternatively, you can enter your license key by adding this to your wp-config.php file:


If you do this, Freemius will pick up your license key from here and it will be as if you have entered the license key in any other way.


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