Updating Tickera Plugin

Since the version of Tickera we have integrated automatic updater which will notify you as soon as we roll an update. However, in order for this to work properly, you will need to enter your license key to Tickera settings as it is mandatory for automatic updates to work.

To do that, first log in to your Tickera account and grab your License Key


Now log in to the WordPress installation on your website and navigate to Tickera>Settings>General and search for the License Key field (you may need to scroll a bit). When located, paste your license key here and hit Save Settings button at the bottom.


When you have valid license key inserted to your settings and there is an update available for Tickera, you will be notified like the picture below suggests.


Additionally, you can achieve exactly the same result by utilizing wp-config.php file and entering the following value:

If you do that you will no longer see License Key field in your Tickera settings.

Also you are able to input: define('TC_NU', true) into wp-config if you want, for some reason, to Tickera automatic update be turned off. And here you will no longer see License Key field in your Tickera settings,too.

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