Filter Ticket Types based on the event

If you're hosting lots of events with even more ticket types for each of these events, it may become difficult to locate particular ticket type in the back end, especially if they have same names (i.e. you may have twenty events all of which will have their Regular and VIP ticket types named the same). So, imagine that you want to make some slight change to one of these ticket types. It would require more time to locate the ticket type than to make the change. This is why we have created this tiny add-on.


When installed and activated, this add-on will add another dropdown in the table of existing ticket types within Ticket Types area of Tickera from which you will be able to select an event for which you want to display the tickets.

This add-on is installed like any other WordPress plugin and does not have any of its own settings. This work only with Tickera as a "standalone".

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