FAQ & Troubleshooting
No option for quantity selector

You might have noticed in our documentation for shortcodes here that, when adding the shortcode for event tickets, you can enable quantity selector which allows customers to select the quantity of the tickets they want to add to the cart so that they can add multiple tickets to the cart at once.

Now, while this is possible to enable if you're running Tickera as a standalone (meaning: without WooCommerce), there is no such option for when you're using Tickera alongside WooCommerce via our Bridge for WooCommerce add-on. The reason for this is that Tickera uses WooCommerce's standard "add-to-cart" shortcodes which do not accept the additional argument that would allow it to display quantity selector next to the "add-to-cart" button. So, at the moment, if you're using Tickera alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce, quantity selectors will be only available in single product page and cart page.

We are aware of the fact that quantity selectors are a rather neat thing to have and our developers are looking into the alternative solutions to add this functionality but as for now, it is not possible.


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