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Emails Are Not Being Delivered or Ending up in Spam

Several of our customers complained that emails sent by Tickera to either admin or customer are not being delivered or ending up in Spam folder. Admin emails aside, there's no need to explain that this is quite severe problem simply for customers who purchased their tickets won't receive what they paid for or won't know that they received their tickets if they end up in Spam folder. Now, although Tickera itself is not the one to blame here as it is only using WP Mail or PHP Mail. So, when problems with emails occur, the first thing to try in resolving the issue is to change email send type in Tickera Settings -> Email tab to PHP Mail as sometimes this alone may help.  However, if that doesn't do the trick, you will have to use a workaround.

As you have probably already noticed, Tickera allows you to set up From E-mail address in the settings which often causes some email providers to blacklist your website domain as these emails seem like spam (despite the fact that they aren't), we have found a solution for this which is easy to set up and is very efficient.

The solution is based on installing a free plugin which, in a way, "intercepts" emails sent from your website and sends them using SMTP protocol of one of the offered email providers. One such plugin can be found here. This plugin allows you to use your own SMTP server (inquire with your hosting provider about the SMTP credentials for your website) or even configure your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail as your email provider. Thorough instruction on setting up this plugin can be found in their documentation page here.

Once installed and configured, there is neat testing utility inside this plugin to test whether your emails work. Once this plugin is properly set up, it  should resolve most of the problems with emails sent from your website regardless of whether they are coming from Tickera or from some other source.

Of course, this is just one of many plugins that are offering such functionality. We're recommending this one in particular as dozens of our customers have used it and we can confirm that it works properly. Surely, if you prefer some other that maybe suits you better, you can use that one by any means.

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