FAQ & Troubleshooting
How to create a free event?

We had a several customers asking us this question. So, whatever lies behind the intent to create and distribute free tickets, it is very easy to achieve this with Tickera. All you need to do is to create a ticket type with the price of 0 (zero). This way, customers who added tickets to the cart won't be redirected to any payment gateway as Free Payment Gateway will kick in as the fallback payment method which is used when and only when the order total is zero.

Now, by default, orders with the order total of zero, processed by Free Payment Gateway have order status set as Order Received which means that the tickets won't be delivered to the customers unless you edit the order and change its status manually to Order Paid in which case an automatic email containing  ticket download links will be triggered. To change this behavior, you can navigate to Tickera Settings -> Payment Gateways tab and within Free Orders area set an option named Automatic Payment Status to Order Paid. This will result in orders with the order total of zero to automatically complete, resulting in emails with the ticket download links being delivered to the customers as soon as they finish the checkout.

If, however, you are hosting an event where you would like to manually pick and allow only certain attendees to attend, you can then leave Automatic Payment Status set as Order Received which will allow you to change order status only for some attendees in which case only they will receive their tickets while the rest of the customers won't receive their tickets although their tickets will be listed in the Attendees & Tickets area of Tickera (but are not valid as long as the status of the order is not changed to Order Paid).


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